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Meet Our Team

Hannah Rovazzini, MA, LMFT 109021

Specialization: Adolescent Eating Disorders and Family Repair


Hannah is an expert at providing encouraging and effective treatment to adolescents and young adults struggling with eating disorders. This is based on her extensive experience treating high-risk clients at all levels of care (residential, PHP, IOP, and outpatient).  Hannah utilizes a multidisciplinary team approach to holistically care for her clients and their families. She focuses on helping teens reintegrate into their family system. Hannah helps create structure and hope in the midst of the chaos and complexity of the eating disorder. Hannah employs evidenced-based treatment modalities to teach clients DBT skills, body acceptance, and affirmation practices. Hannah empowers her clients to overcome shame and pursue a life worth living. 

Hannah Rovazzini
Kelsey Peterson

Kelsey Peterson, MS, RD, CEDRD

Specialization: Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD)


Kelsey is a Master's level Registered Dietitian, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, receiving direct mentorship from Evelyn Tribole (author of Intuitive Eating). Kelsey has over 10 years of experience working at all levels of eating disorder care including inpatient hospitalization, residential treatment (RTC), partial hospitalization (PHP), and intensive outpatient (IOP). Recognizing the need for more intensive and comprehensive outpatient support, she co-founded Restore Family Therapy. Kelsey is daily amazed by her clients' courage to pursue health and freedom around food and body image. Kelsey customizes her treatment plans based on client needs and her expertise in the modalities of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Family Inclusive Care, DBT-inspired dietary interventions, medical nutrition therapy and body image therapy. Kelsey combines her empathetic nature, love of food, and professional expertise to provide a client-centered approach to counseling. Through compassionate accountability, Kelsey enables clients to feel confident and empowered in their capacity to nourish their mind and souls.

Madeline Plansky

Maddie Plansky, APCC

Specialization: Trauma Therapy, Addiction and Eating Disorders


Maddie is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselors who graduated from University of San Diego’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. Maddie specializes with clients impacted by trauma and addiction. With her clients, Maddie pulls from several therapeutic approaches including Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Resiliency Model, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Attachment Theory. Both personally and professionally, Maddie operates under the belief that through the development of trusting, meaningful relationships to self and others, humans have the power to transform their thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and emerge as their most authentic self. Working from a foundation of neurobiology of trauma, she leads with non-judgemental awareness and a lens of curiosity in each session, approaching symptoms as a source of information. She is committed to cultivating a compassionate space to show up with you on your healing journey, whatever stage you may be at.


Lisa Allen, LMFT 131781, LPCC

Specialization: Trauma Therapy and Grief Counseling

As a trauma-informed clinician, Lisa’s heart is to walk alongside individuals longing to feel whole again, or perhaps for the first time. Lisa understands that the wounds from our past can leave us feeling broken, fearful, and alone. Lisa is an EMDR trained clinician who utilizes this evidence-based approach to help clients find holistic paths to healing. Lisa recognizes that the brain, body, and spirit are affected by the things that have happened to us. Lisa invites her clients to share their unique stories in a space of understanding and without judgment. Lisa collaborates with her clients to examine the truths of their stories and empowers her clients to rebuild new, meaningful lives. Lisa has extensive experience working with various forms of trauma, including PTSD, sexual assault, sexual abuse, physical abuse, violence, traumatic loss, and grief.

Lisa Allen
Grace Pascale

Grace Pascale, MS, RD

Specialization: Eating Disorder & Vegetarian Nutrition Specialist

Grace is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a life's mission to help others find healing and vitality by reforming their relationships to food and their bodies. She does this by encouraging "divorces from diet culture", teasing out the confusing and often contradictory information surrounding nutrition, and educating her patients on the importance of eating whole foods in abundance. Grace's areas of expertise include plant-based nutrition, eating disorder recovery, chronic disease prevention, and anti-inflammatory diets. She is passionate about the intersection between ED recovery and plant-based nutrition and has extensive experience helping individuals assess their motivations for vegan & vegetarianism in treatment. She has a Master of Science in Whole Foods Nutrition, a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and experience working in a variety of outpatient settings. Grace enjoys breaking the latest nutrition research findings down into tangible, bite-size recommendations and regularly contributes to publications such as USA Today, Women’s Health Magazine, Good Housekeeping & VegNews. She is passionate about the health and happiness of her clients and offers a balanced approach to wellness, providing evidence-based research in a digestible manner, and carefully assessing readiness for change.

Phoebe Graham, LCSW

Specialization: Adolescent & Family Eating Disorder Specialist

Phoebe is a clinical social worker who received her masters at San Diego State University. She has experience in an intensive outpatient setting as well as extensive work in inpatient care. Phoebe is passionate about helping individuals access the necessary tools and understanding that optimizes one’s path to healing and specializes in care that targets depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Phoebe’s approach is to meet client’s where they are at and continuously cultivate a brave space held to support clients in accomplishing their goals. She works with individuals and families to help build communication, strengthen relationships, and instill hope during life’s challenges. Phoebe is client-centered and eager to empower and partner along with you in your path to healing. 

Phoebe Graham
Mackenzie Burdick

Mackenzie Burdick, LCSW # 118636

Specialization: Adolescent & Family Eating Disorders & Addiction

Mackenzie received her masters in social work from the University of South Carolina. Mackenzie has extensive experience and training in treating eating disorders, OCD, and addiction in partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and outpatient levels of care across the lifespan. Her approach pulls from a number of evidence-based treatment modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Based Treatment, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention. Mackenzie believes that lasting, thriving recovery is best supported by the entire family unit. She treats individuals in their environment, while incorporating systems and remaining trauma-informed. Working collaboratively with her clients, Mackenzie focuses on building authentic, trusting relationships, developing personalized skills, and empowering clients to reach their goals. Mackenzie prides herself in creating a compassionate and non-judgemental space to promote emotional safety and healing.

Lindsey Locker, APCC

Specialization: Trauma Therapy, Addiction and Eating Disorders


Lindsey is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor who received her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Colorado Christian University, with additional certification in Eye Movement Desensitization/Reprocessing (EMDR) and Motivational Interviewing. She specializes in work around eating disorders, grief and loss, trauma, and attachment issues. Lindsey balances kindness and directness as a therapist, while incorporating her sense of humor into the relationship. Lindsey utilizes a Psychodynamic and Existential approach with her clients. She believes we live in the present moment with a lens of our past, which is why part of her therapeutic approach revolves around working through past hurt. She also believes that success stems from an ability to recognize and celebrate our purpose despite the hurt we may have experienced. Lindsey  understands the privilege that comes with holding your story, and is honored to host a space for you where you can come as you are.


Lindsey Locker

Hannah Kauffman, RDN

Specialization: Adolescent & Family Eating Disorder Specialist

Hannah is a Registered Dietitian, certified by the Commission on Dietetic Registration who specializes in the compassionate treatment of Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating. Hannah has experience working in Residential Treatment Centers (RTC), Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs (PHP/IOP), as well as Outpatient care. Her practice is rooted in a non-diet philosophy and Health At Every Size (HAES) approach, reflecting her commitment to fostering positive relationships with both food and body. Recognizing the intricacies of mental and physical well-being, Hannah adopts a holistic perspective that underscores the unique nature of each person's healing journey. Drawing upon her innate empathy, genuine passion for nutrition, and extensive educational background, she offers counseling that is unequivocally client-centered. Through a blend of education, empowerment, and guidance, Hannah equips her clients with a toolkit needed to strengthen their relationship with food and the foundation needed to lead a nourishing and balanced life.

Hannah Kauffman

Alexandra Moeller, APCC

Specialization: ADHD and Eating Disorder Specialist

Alexandra is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor who is committed to fostering genuine connections and empowering individuals and families on their journey toward growth  and recovery. She received her Masters of Clinical Mental Health at the University of San Diego. Alexandra strives to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can discover their unique strengths and explore inner healing. Drawing from her training and experience, Alexandra integrates a variety of therapeutic approaches to tailor treatment plans that address the unique challenges and complexities of eating disorders.  Among these approaches, she utilizes Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and a Strengths-based approach.  At the core of her practice is a deep respect for client’s autonomy and agency. Alexandra focuses on identifying and building upon the inherent strengths and resources within each individual and family.  Through highlighting these assets, clients can foster resilience and feel empowered to overcome challenges with confidence.  Alexandra is here to support clients every step of the way, encouraging clients to embrace their journey to wellness.

Alexandra Moeller
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