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Feeling Isolated Or Alone In Your Recovery?

Let's talk about support groups! Support groups are a great way to connect people within the community who have gone through or are going through similar experiences. Whether the groups are for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bereavement or chronic health conditions, support groups are tailored to gain and/or strengthen a sense of belonging, connection, validation and understanding that is sometimes otherwise difficult to experience.

Let's face it... no matter how many times one might try to express their internal struggles to a loved one, such as a friend, significant other or family member, they may not fully understand the impact of their disease or treatment. A support group among people with shared life experiences can pose as a bridge between medical needs and emotional needs. Although it can feel nerve-racking and vulnerable to share your personal experiences with people you don’t know, there are so many benefits of consistent support group attendance. When you find a group that could be beneficial for you, you may find yourself just wanting to sit and listen to others share for the first few weeks while you gain more familiarity with the space. Or you may be someone who can’t wait to start speaking in the first group! However you may first show up to a group, or whatever your experience may be, attending a group is a very courageous step in supporting your recovery.


  • Receiving education about how to implement effective coping skills when feeling dysregulated

  • Building a sense of community with others sharing similar experiences, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

  • Gain competence about the condition you are struggling with, and to find relatability with others in the room about how they move through difficult situations, triggers or stuck points in recovery.

  • Receive and give practical feedback to others in the room, which serves as an effective way to help fact check thought processes and explore different perspectives.

  • Help strengthen accountability by attending weekly groups with the support of others in your community and licensed professionals.

  • Gain a sense of empowerment

  • Feel less isolated, judged, and avoidant

  • Challenge negative stigma against expressing vulnerability, and to have the opportunity to take back the power from shame triggers by speaking about them in a safe space. Here at Restore Family Therapy, we offer wonderful groups and resources for those suffering from eating disorders and co-occurring mood disorders that can help promote increased structure, support, education and community.

Please click here to view the groups that Restore offers those in the San Diego Community.

We would love to see you at each and every group as long as it could benefit you! Our hope and mission is that those in need can have access to helpful resources that are otherwise difficult to find in the surrounding area. Please keep in mind that support groups are not used as a substitute for all other medical/clinical care and we strongly encourage you to speak with your current providers to see if the groups can be helpful for you!

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