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Eating Disorder Treatment At Restore

Restore Family Therapy specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. With over 15 years of combined experience in the field of eating disorders, we offer a team of dietitians, therapists and medical professionals who offer comprehensive, evidence-based eating disorder treatment.

Therapy Evaluation

Treatment will start with an initial evaluation, assessment and diagnosis by a therapist. The therapists will create a comprehensive treatment plan and provide psychoeducation on the etiology and treatment of eating disorders. Weekly therapeutic support is recommended.

Medical Support

The therapist and dietitian will work together and provide referrals to medical professionals (medical doctors, psychiatrists, etc.) if more support is needed.

Meal Support

The dietitian and therapist can provide meal support and meal coaching to provide in-the-moment skills and feedback to support individuals and families during mealtimes. This is an excellent intervention if eating disorder thoughts or behaviors are impeding meal/snack times.

Nutrition Therapy

A dietitian will complete a nutrition assessment to determine nutrition recommendations, supplements, and lifestyle modifications to provide physical healing from the eating disorder. The dietitian will work with the client to establish a meal plan and eating schedule.

Family Inclusive Care

Restore utilizes family inclusive care, the #1 evidenced based way to treat adolescents with eating disorders. The therapist and dietitian will work together with the family to support their child in eating disorder treatment.

Support Groups

Restore offers eating disorder support groups to provide additional support by building community, relationships and accountability with peers.

Image by Andrew Small
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